Valentine’s Day is coming! How to celebrate when you’re Pregnant 

Those bouquets of love, boxes of chocolates, and beautiful lovey-dovey moments are brought out by the month of love, February! But, of course, “Valentine’s Day” will change once your baby arrives. Nonetheless, a lot of things come to your mind after you welcome your little one. You will have to hire a babysitter, eventually giving them an introduction to all the things and the stress that wouldn’t let you have fun outside the house. Remember, if you are pregnant this Valentine’s Day, enjoy and make it memorable as it’s your last one as a twosome!

Here are some ideas as to how you two can enjoy your we-time!

Go out for the weekend!

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, and you have a fantastic opportunity of sneaking out for a small weekend getaway, just the two of you! When you become parents, it will become more challenging to find a way to go out for a day or two. So, take advantage of this time and enjoy the romantic getaway with your better half. 

Get dressed up

Choose a maternity outfit that makes you feel on top of the world and get going! Make an appointment at a salon or a spa for yourself and get your makeup and hair done. These little things will make you feel sexy and confident!

Hire a Maternity Photographer

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day while capturing this special day which you never would want to forget! Go out of the box and forget the traditional Valentine’s surprises and invest in a maternity photoshoot. These pictures will capture your relationship’s essence and the excitement that you both share by being there for each other, with each other!

Go for a luxury dine-out

Choose one of your favorite restaurants in a five or four-star hotel and enjoy a perfect couple-night-out! Try a restaurant which has a romantic ambiance, beautiful lighting or maybe sit near the pool-side. Enjoy each other’s company, talk, sit, and leave your phones at home! 

If nothing works out, have fun at home! If you’re feeling lazy and don’t feel like getting up, pick up your favorite food takeout, Netflix and chill! The important thing is not what you do together, but the time that you spend together. 

With a little munchkin on your way, remember not to forget to give a time that’s worthwhile to both of you!

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