Clothing for Toddlers: Best Comfy Fabrics and reusable DIYs!

What fabric is best for toddler’s clothing during festivals?

Parents are confused about many things and surely one of them is the clothing for toddlers. Most of the experts agree that your kid’s wardrobe should have the following characteristics: good ventilation, a fabric that does not cause allergies, and the ability to absorb moisture. For your convenience, we have compiled the best fabrics for children’s festive clothing:

  1. Cotton: Undoubtedly we all know that our go-to fabric is cotton. The sole reason is that cotton allows air to pass through, it retains and absorbs moisture. Your kid can wear rompers, t-shirts, dresses, with a small amount of polyester as cotton tends to lose shape during washing.
  2. Linen: Thin linen and non-natural linen is a good option for your baby in times for the festive season. Linen clothing is best for hot summer weather- it absorbs moisture and passes a good amount of air which is good for your baby’s skin.
  3. Satin: Satin has that lustrous, glossy surface and looks a lot like silk. Due to its low thermal conductivity, satin will maintain the body temperature of your little one. It is super durable and doesn’t wrinkle- is actually the most suitable option for summer. (ref)
  4. Fleece: Being a synthetic artificial fabric – fleece has gained a lot of popularity among sportswear for children. It is easy to wash, does not deform, is durable, and dries relatively easily. It is easy on the skin and does not cause allergies on the soft babyish skin of your kiddo.

What do you do with old toddler clothes?

What to do with your baby’s old clothes is surely a mind digger. 

  • DIY toys!

    To save some money and make good use of their old clothing, you can turn their old clothes into toys. Try some DIY sock monkeys, stuffed dogs, bears, and whatnot. Unleash your creative side and become a super parent!

  • Dress their favorite toys!

    An awesome way to use their old clothes is by giving your children to play with them.

    Stitch them
  • Into a pet bed for your pet to have a comfy pet time! You can also ask your little ones to pitch in their new pet bed ideas and have an amazing family bonding time of your own!
  • Repurpose them

    For your younger kids. Save them for your younger kids if you plan on having multiple babies.

  • Gift them 

    To other family members with small little babies. Make sure they are in good shape before offering it to them and be clear that it has been worn by your child.

  • Donate them

    There are many people out there in need of clothing for their children. Help them by keeping them warm and comfy by donating the ones you don’t fit your baby anymore.

Style is important but even more important is your baby’s health and comfort. Clothing for toddlers is a topic which surely needs a lot of research. Remember, that your baby shouldn’t feel too hot and too cold. The clothes should be comfortable, soft and easy to take care of. 


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