Household Chores That Your Little One Can Slay All Day!


What household chores can a little 5-year-old be made to do? Or something to keep an eight-year-old busy in productivity? When can little boys and girls start to learn to do their own laundry? 

Remember that all the children are different and only age limits them to a particular “right” chore. In addition to their age, you should also keep in mind the level of maturity, physical ability, and interest once you think of picking an appropriate task for your kid. Set your kid up for success, give doable quantity of household chores, and set a timeline to complete them.

For Kids Aged 2 to 3

Toddlers prefer helping with household chores. Even if their assistance may not constantly be as valuable as we would expect, keeping their excitement and this habit of helping alive is worth some added effort. Many toddlers love to see people noticing their help, so performing sticker charts game is a great option. This way, you create confident children who will later in life share a helping hand, be high in pro-social behavior, and be aware of their responsibilities. 

A few of the tasks include:
  • Helping them make the bed.
  • Picking up their toys, stationery, and books.
  • Put dirty clothes in the basket or into the laundry bag.
  • Helping in feeding pets.
  • Help clean up the messes.
  • Dusting house with socks wrapped on their hands.

For Kids Aged 4 to 5

The fabulous thing about preschool-aged little ones is that they are always evenly excited to assist. They also love alone time with grown-ups. They usually love it when you take out time and teach them new tasks personally. Many kids at this period are quick to do the chores without continuous guidance. They love rewards and can do anything to get appreciated. Try applying a sticker chart which will allow them to increase to more meaningful rewards. For a few kids, binding chores to get an allowance is a great decision. Eventually, it will also encourage autonomy by enabling them to pick a prize.

A few of the tasks include:
  • Clearing and setting the dining table.
  • Dusting
  • Helping parents out with cooking and preparation
  • Putting groceries away

For Kids Aged 6 to 8

Although enthusiasm for household chores may diminish for school-aged kids, they have other qualities that work very well for doing everyday chores. Most school-going kids have a great urge to be self-governing. Parents and their caregivers should guide them to the path of self-sufficiency by using chore charts to keep track of their responsibilities.

A few of the tasks include:
  • Taking care of the pets
  • Vacuuming and moping
  • Taking out ​the trash
  • Folding and putting away the laundry

For Kids Aged 9 to 12

At this age, kids enjoy a given calendar and schedule. Try to provide them with a generous amount of work and observe them getting upset. If you can establish a system with their help, that would be the best. It’s most beneficial to find an exact plan which will work for the members of your family. Please don’t change it without their input as it affects directly. 

A few of the tasks include:
  • Helping in washing the car
  • Learning to was their dirty utensils
  • Assisting in preparing simple meals
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Operate the washing machine

We should remind ourselves that kids develop at their own speed, and not all will be competent in carrying out advanced chores at a similar age. Similarly, few children may be waiting for more challenging assignments even if they are young. You are your child’s best judge in the early years of development. You are in the perfect position to manage and evaluate their demands, abilities, and accordingly work with them. (1)

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