Vaccines: All the answers to your questions unleashed!

Virus and bacteria are a part of life, isn’t it?

With masks, sanitisers, disinfectants, COVID-19 has become a part of our everyday lives. From going out to our doorstep and picking up our delivered groceries, wearing two masks, to working from home. Home: the one place which has always kept us protected from all unwanted things, including dreadful viruses, we have somehow become used to living this way. To bring back our everyday life again, ‘vaccines’ are the most promising solution. These tiny lifesavers have a critical role in guarding our health. It’s imperative to understand and address vaccine concerns prominent in the public discussion, which leads to vaccination hesitancy. In this blog, know all about the ingredients found in this little ray of hope!

An active ingredient that ultimately provides immunity

An active ingredient is a harmless kind of virus or bacteria, which cannot cause the disease. Vaccines carry a minimal measure of an active ingredient, just around a few micrograms per vaccine. The active ingredient is present to introduce antigens, which are entirely novel features of the virus bacteria, to your immune system- produces a specific immune response in your body without making you sick. The immune system identifies the antigen, so if you confront the actual bacteria or virus in the future, your body is ready to react before you become ill quickly; this is called immunity.

The vaccines approved for use in people, the active ingredient is either the whole virus or bacteria, which has inactivated (killed) or significantly weakened (attenuated). A new type of shot is made from genetic material (RNA or DNA) containing data for the body to generate tiny amounts of the antigen protein at the vaccination site. Vaccines in progress against COVID-19 examine all types of active ingredient distribution methods, but the most popular type is RNA vaccines.

Did you know that Water is the main ingredient?

Voila! The main component in a vaccine is Water. The other ingredients in vaccination are present in small amounts. Most injected vaccines comprise 0.5 millilitres of liquid, in other words, several drops. All other ingredients weigh a few milligrams (thousandths of a gram) or even less. All vaccine components are present in tiny quantities, and there is no proof that they cause harm in these amounts. The exception is the small number of people who may be seriously allergic to a vaccine ingredient, even if it is present simply in trace amounts (for example, egg proteins or antibiotics used in vaccine manufacture).

If you look up some vaccine ingredients on the web, you may come across content stating that they could be dangerous, but most of them are present in vaccines in completely normal amounts for our bodies. Even common salt (sodium chloride), which is essential for the body’s normal functioning, is harmful in large quantities. So, vaccine constituents may sound strange, but many present naturally in your body or diet. They are present in much more significant amounts than the quantity used in a vaccine.

An adjuvant heightens the immune response.

Most vaccines have some amount of a substance attached to them to help build a more healthy immune response to that vaccine. These elements are adjuvants.

For vaccine administration, adjuvants are especially useful for really young babies and older people. These are the ones who have weaker immune responses to vaccines. Vaccine ingredients ensure high quality and may have strange names, but many are naturally present in our bodies. They are present in the food we intake. It’s essential to examine the role of each constituent to learn that, in the tiny amounts used, they are safe. In addition, they are required to assure a vaccine’s high quality. 


Coronavirus has taken a toll on all of us. It has left many families shattered, and along with the physical health, it has affected our mental health too. We are at a point in our lives where all we hear when we get in touch with our near and dear ones is the negativity that this disease has caused worldwide. The only solution to this is vaccination. Prevention is better than cure.

Kamakshi Anand
What people think, I create. Using my artistry, I shape their vision and this, gives me the perfect kick! Being a psychology degree holder, writing was always deeply rooted inside of me. Eventually, I started liking what I wrote and now I understand the essence of what's needed and pour those thoughts on paper!

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